I want to be a vendor for 2022 but was told I’m on the waitlist.

All vendor spaces for the 2022 season of the Greensburg Night Market and Holiday Market are full. Vendors placed on the waitlist may be given a space if there are cancellations and the vendor fits what we need for the market.

What are the 2022 dates for the Greensburg Night Market?

Thursday, April 28, Thursday, May 19, Thursday, June 30, Thursday, July 28, Thursday August 25 and Thursday, September 29.

When do applications open?

Applications for the Greensburg Night Market open on January 1 and will close on February 25. No applications or new vendors will be accepted after February 25. No exceptions. Apply now.

How many people usually attend the markets?

In 2021, we had an average of 3500 people attend each Greensburg Night Market. We are anticipating to almost double that for 2022 for each date.

If I apply on the last day of application acceptance do I still have a chance to be a vendor?

The time at which you apply to be a vendor does not matter. We look at every vendors application, dates applied for and social media to determine if they are a good fit for our market. You could apply the first day applications are open or the last day and your chances of acceptance are the same.

Why do you ask for our social media links in the application?

It’s really important for the Greensburg Night Market and the vendors that everyone promotes the market. If a potential vendor has little to no social media presence it does impact their acceptance for the Night Market.

Do you accept MLM or Direct Sales vendors?

No. We have never accepted MLM or direct sales vendors for the Greensburg Night Market, nor do we have plans to in the future. No exceptions.

I don’t make my items, can I still be a vendor?

We prioritize makers, bakers and growers for the Greensburg Night Market. You may still apply and if we have space for vendors that are not makers, bakers, or growers, you may be accepted.

How much is it to be a vendor?

Vendor spaces are 10×10 and are $35 per market.

I have a food truck or trailer, can I be a vendor?

For 2022, we will be accepting more food vendors. The acceptance of a food truck or trailer will depend on spacing.

Can I leave my car in my vendor space?

No. No cars are to be left in the vendor area. Space is tight, even with our expansion. If your products require refrigeration or something similar. Please email us before applying so we can see if we can accommodate you.

How many vendors do you have at each market?

For 2022, we will be expanding the Greensburg Night Market and will have about 80 vendors per market.

What if it rains? Do I get a refund?

The Greensburg Night Market is rain or shine, unless there is extreme weather the market will not be canceled. There are no refunds for weather cancelation. Please see the Vendor Terms and Conditions for full weather and refund information.

I’m a local business and want to be a vendor, can I?

Depending on your business you may qualify to be a vendor. We do not accept vendors who do not sell products. Example: Insurance Agents, Realty etc. We do have sponsorship opportunities though, see sponsorships here.

I’m a local non profit, can I be a vendor at the Night Market?

We have limited spaces for non profits at each market. 

Do I need business insurance or other permits?

As a vendor selling items, you should have the proper permitting, certificates and business insurance. Please contact a licensed professional to confirm what you need for your specific business.

Still have questions?

Shoot us an email! gbgnightmarket@downtowngreensburgpa.us