We are excited to be hosting a market at Live! Casino Pittsburgh in September as a part of their Block Party held in their parking lot September 27 – September 29.

Accepted vendors will be able to do 1, 2 or all 3 days. 

This market is open to vendors who do not make their own products including boutiques and white label businesses. MLM and direct sales vendors will not be accepted. No mlm or direct sales will be accepted.

Ready to eat food vendors (food trucks/tents) wiill not be booked through the Greensburg Night Market. Interested food trucks should contact Live! Casino to be considered. .

Vendor applications are only accepted via the form below. No vendor applications will be accepted by email, text, mail, phone or in person. 

All communication related to the Greensburg Night Market with accepted vendors during the season will be done through email.

Questions about the Block Party Market that are not answered on the Event Info Page please email

Please fill out the form below. Limited spaces available. Applying does not guarantee that a vendor will be approved for any or all dates.

Block Party Market Application

Business Name(Required)
Please type your business name with proper capitalization and how you'd like it shown for advertising.
The best contact email.
If you do not have one, please put N/A.
Please do not list your personal Facebook page. If you do not have one, please put N/A.
Please do not list your personal Instagram page. If you do not have one, please put N/A.
Please tell us about us about your business in a couple of sentences. (250 characters)
Do you have liability insurance?(Required)
All vendors are required to show proof of liability insurance and proper permitting.
Please list the products you would be selling if accepted.
Vendor Type(Required)
Please choose all that apply.
Example: If you are someone who sells mostly candles but sells a small amount of soap. Please put candles.
Block Party Market Dates Interested In(Required)
Selecting dates DOES NOT guarantee you any or all of those dates. All vendors must go through the review process before being accepted. The Block Party Market is located at Live Casino outdoors on pavement.
This application fee is non refundable and does not guarantee acceptance into the Greensburg Night Market.
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